Impala Bútorbolt - A Székkirály

1135 Bp. Reitter Ferenc u. 8/b

Tel: 270-9700, 270-9770, 06/70 432-5000, 06/70 432-4000

KMOP-1.2.7-2007 Támogatott projekt

Delivery options
1.    If you purchase furniture online, you can either pay for the items online then get them delivered to you; or you may come to our store and pick them up in person.
2.    In order to complete your purchase, you need to register and provide your personal details such as name and address information.
3.    We can only store the purchased furniture for7 days, after 7 days we apply a small stocking fee.
Our contact details are: Impala Ltd. – The King of Chairs, Reitter Ferenc st. 8.b, Budapest, 1135, HU    Email: impala@impala.hu
Tel: 36-70-703-5053 or 36-1-270-9700