Impala Bútorbolt - A Székkirály

1135 Bp. Reitter Ferenc u. 8/b

Tel: 270-9700, 270-9770, 06/70 432-5000, 06/70 432-4000

KMOP-1.2.7-2007 Támogatott projekt

Payment options
You may choose from the following payment options:
1.    Pay online with Paypal.
2.    Pay upon delivery to the delivery man.
3.    In person at our store (address: Reitter Ferenc st. 8.b, Budapest, 1135, HU, tel: 36-70-703-5053 or 36-1-270-9700, email: impala@impala.hu)
4.    Through your bank to the account of Impala Ltd – The King of Chairs (bank acc. K&H bank 10404065-40611886).

In order to purchase products from www.chairpalace.com you need to register with your basic information such as your name, address, login name, and password. Once you log in, you may follow through your order. When you order the system will use your information to create a purchase receipt.
Webstore orders

How to place an order online?
1.    We display all of our products that are available on stock in our webstore.
2.    Once you click on the product, you may select all information necessary for your purchase: such as price, number available, size, colour of the wood, your choice of fabric, and delivery time.
3.    Once you have decided on the specific product, selected the number, colour, fabric, you may press “Place into basket”. The system places the chosen products on hold (your order is not processed at this point)
4.    You may continue browsing around in our webstore and shopping until you are ready to order and pay.
5.    Click on continue to order, and at this point you will be asked to register on the system, with your name/address/company information.
6.     You should double check your order and click on finalize my order.
7.     In terms of payment you may choose from paying immediately with paypal, paying in person at our store, or paying at the time of delivery to the delivery man.
8.     If you make a mistake click on the back button or give us a call (36-1-270-9700 or 36-70-703-5053)
9.    Once your order is accepted and received you will get an order confirmation within 24 hours.
10.If you experience any problems please contact us on the above mentioned telephone number or by email on impala@impala.hu .
11.                With your order you accept the terms and conditions of our webstore which is displayed under that menu.
12.Prices displayed on the webstore include the 25% VAT. If you or your company work under a different country’s registration, we will apply the applicable taxes to your purchase.
13.Contact us if you have any questions. Geza and Marta Pap speak English, Elisabeth Dolhay speaks German.