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1135 Bp. Reitter Ferenc u. 8/b

Tel: 270-9700, 270-9770, 06/70 432-5000, 06/70 432-4000

KMOP-1.2.7-2007 Támogatott projekt



This General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as GTC) include the rights and responsibilities of the Client (hereinafter referred to as Client) of Székpláza or Impala Bútorkereskedő Kft. (seat: 1135 Budapest, Reitter Ferenc utca 8/b.; registration number: 01-09-683503; tax number: 10317864-2-41; represented by Géza Pap managing director, hereinafter referred to as Service Provider) resorting to the electronic trade services provided at www.szekplaza.hu by Székkirály or Impala Bútorkereskedő Kft. (Client and Service Provider together hereinafter referred to as Parties).


General information

1. The effect of this General Terms and Conditions covers any electronic trade service provided in Hungary via Székpláza Webshop operated by Impala Bútorkereskedő Kft. The data network management platform operated by Service Provider is available both from Hungary and abroad due to the data network characteristics (internet).

2. Any product marketed by Impala Bútorkereskedő Kft. may be purchased or ordered at Székkirály furniture store of Impala Bútorkereskedő Kft. (1135 Budapest, Reitter Ferenc u. 8/b.) in person, via telephone (06-1-270-9700, 06-1-270-9770), via fax (06-1-270-9708) or via e-mail (impala@impala.hu).



3. Client has to register in order to be able to order from the web shop.

4. User name, password and further information are necessary for registration. Later, the Client will need these in order to be able to login to the system where he/she can follow the status of his/her order.

5. The information entered upon registration is not to be entered again in case of subsequent orders.

6. After registration, the Client can communicate with Service Provider via electronic mails or telephone until concluding the contract or making the order, however, the acceptance of the e-mail order confirmation or not replying to the confirmation e-mail imply unequivocal intention to order.


Right of cancellation

7. Client has the right of cancellation without justification by submitting the sample statement form of Government Regulation No. 45/2004 (II. 26.) (may be downloaded here) within fourteen (14) days after receipt of the product.

8. Client shall return the relevant product to retailer within 14 days of the exercise of the right of cancellation (that is within 28 days after receipt the latest).

9. The company is entitled to withhold the balance amount until consumer returns the product in an undamaged and complete state or consumer unequivocally proves that he/she has already returned said product.

10. The return is considered fulfilled if consumer returns the product before the deadline.

11. Client exercising the right of cancellation shall bear the expenses of returning the product in undamaged packaging to Service Provider that is the costs of return to the store of Impala Bútorkereskedő Kft. In the case of cancellation, Service Provider is not obligated to refund additional costs due to premium price transportation to Client.

12. Service Provider shall refund the price of the returned product immediately, if possible, but at least within 14 days.

13. Right of cancellation shall not be exercised in case of products damaged after receipt by Client.



14. Service Provider provides quality guarantee as indicated on the product page of the product ordered from Székpláza Webshop.

15. The warranty and guarantee responsibility of Service Provider is governed by Act V of 2013 on Civil Code.

16. Beyond the responsibilities pursuant to the law, Service Provider shall provide the additional guarantee option offered by producer.

17. The guarantees provided for the products ordered from Székpláza Webshop may be validated at the Székkirály Furniture Store of Impala Bútorkereskedő Kft.

The guarantee is not applicable for damages due to improper use, thus please read the user’s guide carefully.


Data management

18. Service Provider shall store the data provided by Clients exclusively for the purposes of contracts and in order to fulfil the contracts. Service Provider does not use the data for advertisement purposes (newsletters, unwanted telephone calls, etc.). Service Provider does not deliver Clients’ data to any third party, except in cases when a third party acts as subcontractor/contributor during the fulfillment of the contract. Management of Clients’ data by Service Provider is governed by the provisions of Act CXII of 2011 (on Informational Self-determination and Freedom of Information).

19. Data entered by Client upon registration may be modified or deleted any time.



20. Service Provider is entitled to modify the current GTC any time. The modifications are to become effective upon their publication on the website.

21. Parties hereto strive for settlement of any disputes arising from this Contract by peaceful negotiations. In the event that peaceful negotiations do not succeed, Parties shall be subject to the arbitrary board or court decision of the court according to Client’s permanent address.

With respect to matters not regulated in this document, the document below shall prevail:

Government Regulation No. 45/2014 (II. 26.) on Rules governing the contracts between consumers and companies.



This GTC shall become effective on 23 June 2014, and shall only be applicable for contracts concluded afterwards.


Dear Customers,

We would like to express our appreciation over the fact that you are interested in buying or have already bought one of our products. We hope that you will find it most comfortable and suitable when using it. In order to be able to use the product you ordered in the long run, please find our tips and advices on the usage of our products. Please take a few minutes to read it.



Please note that you need to handle the product gently despite the fact that the materials in themselves guarantee enduring usage. Please note the following:

  • The furniture is to be placed, used and stored in a dry place. Moisture and steam may do harm to the structure of the furniture.
  • The furniture is to be protected against harmful external effects, e.g. from radiant light, high temperature, excessive moisture or chemicals, as these may cause discoloration of the furniture.
  • The furniture is to be used properly and as intended.
  • Due to the basic color or the veining of the wood, variance in the color may occur. Therefore, the product you bought may not be identical to the one you tried out.
  • Solid wood and particle board are natural materials. Even when the single elements of the furniture are produced from the same piece, due to the characteristics of natural materials, variance in the color, structure and character may occur, thus the varnish and the surface may show differences. We cannot accept complaint based on the above.
  • Do not rock the chair as it can lead to personal injuries, furthermore, improper usage may affect frame structure endurance, weaken the leg structure and the metal legs fastened to the seat may break out.
  • The chairs may not be used improperly. Please avoid standing on the seat and sitting on the arms or the back of the chair as it could damage the product or could lead to serious injury.
  • Stackable chairs may only be stacked according to the prescribed height (3-6 chairs). Stackable chairs are to be moved and transported carefully. Producer is not responsible for damages arising from improper transport.
  • The varnished surface is not scratch-resistant. The surface has to be protected from sharp or harsh surfaces, water and chemicals.


Cleaning, maintenance

  • The varnished surface is to be cleaned with a dry cloth. The use of chemical cleansers for furniture commercially available is advised only once a year.
  • Do not clean the chairs with tube frames or metal structure using corrosive substances as they may make the surface matte or worn-out.
  • The drapes may be cleaned with commercially available dry foam cleansers according to the instructions of the cleansers. It is advisable to perform a color durability test on a hidden part of the furniture. The drapes must not be cleaned with organic solvents (e.g. acetone, gasoline, etc.). Damages caused by cleaning cloths are not to be considered defects of the drape therefore we are not responsible in this respect.
  • You may remove everyday contaminations from Novalife-type drapes by using a wet (the water is to be clean) and soft cleaning cloth (these drapes are similar to leather, but they have the impression of a velvety, soft drape).
  • You may clean the wooden part of the products by using a soft cleaning cloth lightly soaked in detergent and then wipe them dry carefully.


The usage of granular scouring cleaning substances and nitrogen-based chemicals is generally forbidden

If you place your furniture on a vulnerable floor (e.g. polished wooden floor), we advise you to stick felt layers (also available in our store) to the legs and metal bumpers at the bottom of the furniture. Therefore you may protect the floor from damages caused by dust or other contamination collected under the legs. We are not responsible for the damages mentioned above.


Thank you for buying from us.


Further advice and instructions concerning cleaning may be found in the Frequently Asked Questions section on the website of Impala Bútorkereskedő Kft.